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Surendheran Kaliyaperumal is an Assistant Professor (Sr.) at VIT, Vellore – India. He hails from the department of Multimedia & Animation and belongs to the VIT School of Design. He is a research scholar as well, in the department of Visual Communication at Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India. His research area includes ICT, digital pedagogy, VR/AR in education, e-learning, and technology assisted learning methodologies. He had industry experiences with international animation studios and worked in many international animation projects. He has international teaching experiences from United Kingdom, Philippines and China. He holds professional certification from creative software suits – Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Unity Technologies.

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These collection of pages is the reflection of my interests and outcomes. Whenever I feel like, I post tutorials on the software that I practice which you could find around here – somewhere. Feel free to stick around and head to the contact section, if you were looking to contact me. The links on the right shall take to you where you wanna go..

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Mr. Surendheran, one of the most profoundly efficient person both in work and as a mentor. The qualified and experienced person who is well versed in his field of work.

Alwin Paul | Student @ Chemnitz

One the best cool philosopher i ever had im my 23 years of life, hisattitude over teaching is beyond words could express. I still feelawsm in your class and very proud to be your student. May yourfuture students fell the same . All the best for them and for you sir.He is THE BEST!

Johnny Elavarasan | Photographer