Hello everyone,

It’s getting very often for me to hear “How can I install a custom brush in Photoshop?” lately. So, I`ve decided to write a basic guide to help people on installing their custom/downloaded brushes.

Where to find 3rd party photoshop brushes?

The simple answer is Google it! 😉 there are hundreds of sites out there which offer free photoshop brushes. They even categorize the brush types for your convenience. Personally, I`ve got really nice experience with http://www.brusheezy.com/ in downloading brushes. Moreover, its free!

How to install the downloaded brush?

Well, its pretty simple! The people who know how to install fonts on to their computers, they know how easy the process is. Because, the process is exactly the same! Right, once you have downloaded the brush from internet (they often comes in compressed format such as *.rar), uncompress the file and you should have a Photoshop compatible file with an extension *.abr (adobe brush’s short form).

Now, just copy the abr file and paste it in the following location of your computer,

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Presets\Brushes

Remember, the above shown path is the default location where we install Photoshop often. If  your Photoshop was installed in some other location, you need to find the Adobe folder and navigate to the Brushes folder.

Loading the Installed Brush within Photoshop

Awrite, pasting the .abr file itself will not invoke the brush inside Photoshop. You need to load it into the current brush palette to use it. Its very easy indeed.

Note : If the photoshop was open when you installed the brush, you need to restart the Photoshop inorder to see the newly installed brush in the list.

Here’s what you should do,

Press the button “b” (shortcut for brush tool) and click the dropdown menu from the tool panel. It will show you the selected brush’s size, hardness level and available patterns within that brush. You should also able to see a small arrow button on the top-right and click that to open another drop down menu which will show all the brush presets in your system. Select your newly installed brush and photoshop will ask you to confirm replacing the currently selected brush palette. Click okay and that’s it! Your new brush is ready to use! Refer the following image if your not sure,

Happy Photoshopping! 🙂