Ever since I`ve delivered the practical workshop on DSLR Photography, I have been drilled with doubts and suggestions on two legendary photo manipulation software Photoshop & Lightroom… Well, reading this may help people who cant decide which software to buy or which should be used where!

The Photoshop – Rockstar in Image Pixel Manipulation

Right, I guess there is no need for any intro on well-known, the most powerful image manipulation software till date – The Photoshop! with tonnes of effective tools and plug-ins, Photoshop is unbeatable in image editing/corrections. The user cannot have anymore freedom and power in manipulating their images BUT where it lacks is in organizing and batch processing the images! Adobe Bridge is usually installed with Photoshop which will take care of this organizing business and it has an inbuild module inside Photoshop as well called Mini-Bridge! That’s Brilliant but why the same company released another software called Lightroom to compete Photoshop?? Meaning – They are not competitors! They both are very powerful if you use it for the right purpose. To put it simple, Lightoom is for Photographers!!

Lightroom – Photographers Life Saver!

The biggest strength of Lightroom over Photoshop is its Organizing and Batch Processing of Images. Its very handy for photographers, for example – When you connect your SD Memory card with your computer, Lightroom autoruns and start organizing the pictures in the way YOU want it! More over, Lightoom has gorgeous user interface which is very elegant looking and easy to use. Lightroom has everything a photographer needs to post-process his snaps! One can even change the Camera lens profile after taking the picture and Lightroom has many set of Profiles for popular vendors like Nikon,Canon,Sony etc. Lightroom can also handle RAW & DNG images and can even convert them to JPEG one or all of the images at a time!

The Conclusion

There is no way for me to list all the features of Lightroom here BUT I can say Lightroom is nothing but an extension of Photoshop targeted the Photographers. Most of the things you do in Lightroom can also be done in Photoshop but Adobe have done a very good job in stripping the unwanted parts and combining the Photo-Essential parts of Photoshop into a new elegant powerful monster called Lightoom. So, the people who are confused about Photoshop & Lightroom, Listen,

Go for Photoshop – If there is creating or editing involved in your images.

Go for Lightroom – If there is no creative work involved but to make the picture more beatutiful! (Photographers – Definitely!)

See you guys later in my next post! Cheers!