Saving multiple images in PS

Right, another often question that arises among Photoshop users is “I have finished editing all my images in Photoshop and How do I save all the open images automatically?”. Well, if you were among one of them, I would suggest you to read this.

Sometimes it gets more annoying in Photoshop to sail through File -> Save/Save as -> choose the file type as Jpeg -> choose desired quality -> click save.  If we have like 5 or 10 open images awaiting to be saved, it’s fine! What if we have got more than 15 or 20 images to save? Irritating right?

Well, there’s an infamous option in Photoshop which allows us to save all the open images at the same time with the settings we choose! Exiting right? Cool, let’s see how to do it….

Running Scripts

Hang on! Yes it’s called scripts but please don’t get alarmed thinking it may need programming skills to automate the process. It’s actually very straight forward! Once you finished editing with all of your images, Go to

File -> Scripts -> Image Processor….

The Image processor opens. It’s a 4-step process. (please refer image if not sure)

  1. Select the images to process (if you are intending to save multiple files, choose “use open images” option.
  2. choose the destination folder.
  3. select the file type(s) and quality to save. (you can resize the image if you wish)
  4. Add copyright info if any and click “Run”. (even you can save your settings  for easy of use in the future)

Photoshop Image Processor

Image processor is to convert and process multiple files at a time and dont think its usage is limited only for saving the images. We can seek Image processor’s help for the following actions,

  • Convert a set of files to either JPEG, PSD, or TIFF format; or convert files simultaneously to all three formats.
  • Process a set of camera raw files using the same options.
  • Resize images to fit within specified pixel dimensions.
  • Embed a color profile or convert a set of files to sRGB and save them as JPEG images for the web.
  • Include copyright metadata into the converted images.

    So hereafter, no more frustration in saving multiple images using Photoshop. See you guys soon in my next post 🙂