Which Lens?

Well, the biggest debate which often confuse amateur photographers is the choices of lenses. Too many reviews, loads of advices will definitely spoil us in following our own way. Having a “different perspective” is a must-have skill for every photographer and the right to choose our own lenses should not be distorted! at any cost! so, from my experience what I`ve learnt is to ignore all the reviews and advices on choosing the right lenses. It’s my perspective and I get to virtualise my outcome and I`ll choose my lens which will help me to convert my imagination into a real picture! that’s it chapter closed…. so the answer for “Which lens should I use?” is, “The lens that will allow you to complete your vision you have on your specific subject”.

Why am I writing this?

Awrite, now you all may have a question why am I writing this when I said reviews and advices spoil us? Exactly,  I am not advising in this write-up but trying to explain the basic type of lenses. One should understand the lenses 1st in-order to choose them wisely.The wide category of lenses is only four!

  • Standard Lens.
  • Wide angle Lens.
  • Telephoto Lens.
  • Macro Lens.

I am trying to explain in a very simple manner and adding technical details will ruin the simplicity of this post I believe. So, I am going to discuss how these lenses differs and that’s it! The rest is yours to choose 🙂

Standard Lens

Right, Standard lenses are also called Kit lenses. I really don’t wanna mention the focal length and technical stuff associated with the lenses because it may vary based upon the camera/lens make. The simplest explanation would be, the kit lenses are closest replica of your human eye, meaning – your pictures in most of the cases will be “what you see is what you get!” (Just for the record, Human eyes’ focal length is 43mm and kit lenses’ is 40-55mm!)

Wide Angle Lens

These lenses are humble but powerful. With these lenses, you cannot see any subject up close but you can cover them all into the frame. Unusual perspectives with these lenses will produce awesome snaps! (Fish-eye lenses are nothing but a type of wide angle lens)

Telephoto Lens

As the name says, these lenses are more like binoculars! If you wanna shoot a forest Lion in action and using a standard lens will force you to be in Lion’s reach to take the picture. Well, you can actually, if you wish that as your last picture 😉

So, the point is, this type of lenses can see the subject up-close even if they are far. (Remember, buy these lenses based upon how far you wanna be). Oh by the way, you may need a tripod if your are shooting in zooms or steady hands like pillars.

Macro Lens

These lenses are right opposite to Telephoto lenses. Concept is same like microscope (not technically)! if you wanna see small objects you need some sort of magnification and this type of lenses are build for that purpose! Tight closeups!

Right, we have discussed the generic explanation on different category of lenses. I am sorry if you were looking for technical information because the target audience is amateur photographers and people migrating from point’n shoot to DSLR’s 🙂

Remember, understand the capability of lenses and choose them wisely. A wrong lens may give interesting effects and it happened many time for me BUT the question is whether you foreseen how the outcome may look like? If yes, you have mastered the lenses and its functions! 🙂

Good Luck Mates!