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Here’s my new academic research in the field of video games. I`ve shared my full paper at the end of this post. Cheers.


In the present globalized market-driven world, Human progress and development is highly influenced by the power of information and technology. The technologically driven world spins around the information explosion and technological resources. Dr.Digumarti Bhaskara Rao states “The emergence of the “Learning Society” amongst advanced technology economies with its concomitant knowledge updating and renewal for individuals create new expectations”. The developing countries have come to realize the role and need of skills with the latest technology for the future generation. A human alone is capable of learning and transferring his understanding to some other destinations. This capacity of his mind is often referred to as skill development. This ability has made the civilization to progress over the centuries. This communicative function is based on skill development in various countries. Whatever it may be but no one can deny today the impact of handling latest devices by the younger generation. The paradigm shift in educational theory is due to the grow in the use of advanced digital technology and ICT. As Dr.Satyaprakash noted in his article, “Several studies have been conducted regarding the use of ICT. IT helps students because more reflection and autonomy develop their critical thinking skill, increase motivation by offering more diverse and authentic learning resources and this brings the outside world to Classroom”. The gaming environment has taken the most part of today’s younger generation. So it is the concern of this paper.


The main objective of this study is to find out the influence of playing video games from childhood till graduation on the academic performance of Karunya University students. Gaming involves various factors inter-related to the students’ learning process. These factors are bound to influence the nature of their academic involvement. So, this study will also aim to trace out the interconnectivity between those factors and students’ academic performances. To find out the social elements linked with students’ academic performance is also one of the objectives of this study. It also aims at finding out the influences caused by the departmental affiliation of the students.

Download full paper here -> taf_jahss_published.