Hello, again people, this time I would like to show a simple but effective technique in Photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. Using this method you can make most of your pictures interesting. What this technique actually does is it blurs the original image and increase the contrast resulting in an awesome dreamy look. This method works very well if you have got soft lighting in your pictures. Let’s see how its done,

The Technique…

  1. Open the picture in Photoshop.
  2. Duplicate the Background Layer (default layer).
  3. Select the duplicated layer (Background Copy) and go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur
  4. Gaussian Blur will ask you to enter the value for the radius. Give the value as 20 and click OK.
  5. The image will be blurred. Now, change the duplicate layer’s blending mode to “Soft Light”.




That’s it! The image shall become more interesting and looks really soft… Here’s an example, before and after using the technique…


This technique works best with photographs that have soft lighting such as cloudy landscapes, portraits, close-ups, etc.

Have fun guys. Give it a go and let me know🙂